Saturday, 13 February 2016

Second Chances

Sometimes second chances are great. They present us with the opportunity to make things right, to do better than the first time, to better that which we fucked up. But there are certain situations where second chances would be equated with stupidity. Especially when the first time blew up in your face. Situations where once bitten, twice shy should be applied. And so when you find yourself given the choice to unwrap the box of second chance or just walk away and leave it untouched, it's not so easy to know what to do.

You could walk away and never know what could have been. You may have lost the opportunity to make things better or you may have evaded heart ache. So you decide to unwrap the box, praying to the high heavens that you're not opening up a jar of all the evils of the world. It's opened now and all seems well, but you're afraid still. But then you realise that the second time is different from the first. Something just feels different. The second time feels warm. It feels secure and solid. It feels real. You're less afraid, but still afraid. And yet you don't have one foot out the door because you realise that this is exactly where you want to be. This is what you want. There's beauty in it and it just makes sense. You wonder if you should just wait for the shoe to drop, because it is what you should be doing, isn't it? But then you ask yourself, what if you allow your hope to grow instead? What if you allow yourself to embrace this? Because deep down this feels right. It feels like it's supposed to be.

Sometimes second chances are great. And once taken or given, I guess all you can do is hope that you shouldn't instead have left the box untouched and just walked away.

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